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Location date? You mean Location data, right?

In the ROS Navigation Stack, the basic tf is map->odom->base_link, the encoders in your robot can get odometry infomation, from which you can get the pose of base_link relative to odom.

And with Ubisense, you can get the position of base_link relative to map. With this position, you can adapt map->odom to make your robot's position right.

I guess Ubisense uploads the robot position to your computer(which runs ROS) through USB or Serial Port. After reading that info, you need to write a Publisher program to publish your position to ROS(say topic /Ubisense/Pose). This position info should in the geometry_msgs/Pose format.(or other similar format).

And then, you need a tf program which subscribes the topic /Ubisense/Pose, and broadcast the tf map->odom.

Good Luck.