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Hello SubaruX,

this looks like a cable problem. During reset the current controller is supposed to ramp up its current until it reaches its threshold (225mA in this case) which indicates a hard stop and is used for referencing the finger.

In the top of your output the current is not climbing at all but rather staying at an arbitrary low value. When the timeout occurs, the whole process is stopped , everything is reconfigured and then started aggain. This time the Pinky drove immediately to 237mA which should be enough to trigger the reset, however, i suspect that no encoder ticks are read, leading to a stall. I will look into the driver and see if I can detect this special case in the future.

You will most likely have to get the cabling of your SVH checked. Until then, consider deactivating the Pinky in the config file to continue work without damaging the hand.

Best Regards Georg