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Hi Debty,

welcome to the ROS community.

Gazebo is the standard robot simulator of ROS. In the past Gazebo was developed as the ROS robot simulator. In the newer versions the development goal changed to "a generic robot simulator that works pretty well with ROS but is also stand alone". This might be the cause why you don't see the link between both at the moment.

Yes Indigo uses the 2.x version of Gazebo. The Gazebo Wiki says:

ROS Indigo hosts the 2.x version of Gazebo. For a fully-integrated ROS system, we recommend using the 2.x version of Gazebo.

I think it is not impossible to use Gazebo 3.x with Indigo but it might cost some time and headache. For a ROS beginner maybe a little bit more time and something more like a brain tumor than headache.

Your last question has been answered 10 hours ago in this question.