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Hi Brice

I think I found a way to do this.

You must write to the bag file a tf:tfmessage instead of a geometry_msgs::TransformStamped.

Here's a piece of code that works for me (although I need to restart rviz after recording the bag file, before playing it back, in order to visualize, perhaps a problem with the timestamps, don't know)

I assume there is a tf::Transform tr, as well as a rosbag::bag bag variables

//declare a geometry msg

geometry_msgs::TransformStamped msg;

//declare a std::vector of geometry msgs std::vector< geometry_msgs::TransformStamped > vec_msg;

//declare the tf:tfmessage, this is what is actually written to the bag file

tf::tfMessage tfmsg;

//convert the tf::transform (variable tr) to a geometry msg

tf::transformStampedTFToMsg(tf::StampedTransform(tr, ros::Ti me::now(), "/world","/tf_vehicle"),msg);

//erase all value from the std::vector


//push back into the vector the geometry msg


//Set the tf::tfmessage transforms vector


//set the size (don't know if its actually needed)


//write to the bag file

bag.write("/tf", ros::Time::now(),tfmsg);

Hope this helps


PS: If you find why rviz needs to be restarted please let me know.