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i'am working on the same problem. I want to connect the pub_sub_tutorial_app from android emulator to roscore on the same machine. It seems that's not a problem to connect from emulator to roscore with the alias ip because i can see the nodes in the nodelist. But roscore can't find the emulator. Ok, that's similar to this post: (SebastianMuszynski).

However, when i use the clockwork tether app to get internet access on my computer everything works (almost) fine. So i can connect from emulator to roscore and back (i can see Hello World message and counter in the emulator). But i don't understand why this works!!! At my point of view i think there is something with a tun interface and adb port forwarding (i can see some initialisations in the command window of the Tether program)... The only problem is, that sometimes the tether app pops up in the emulator and nothing works so i want to reproduce this without the app..

Does anyone know why this works? I wanna understand this but currently i can't...

@damonkohler: I don't understand why this isn't really possible! Please can you give me another chance to understand this?