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Hi Marcus

The get_constraint_ik_service in pr2_arm_kinematics_constraint_aware package will try to find a collision free IK solution for the desired pose of the end-effector. It will actually fail if it cannot find a IK solution - i.e. it won't give you back something that's "close".

We are working on using proximity information, i.e. information that tells you how close to the obstacles the robot is instead of just giving back binary "in collision" or "not in collision" results. This will allow you to "push" a IK solution that is "in collision" out of collision. This package is not ready for release yet though and won't be fully mature for a while. Depending on what your use-case is exactly, you should be able to modify this package to do what you need.

If you are not using the PR2, the other package to look at is the arm_kinematics_constraint_aware package that provides the same functionality as the pr2_arm_kinematics_constraint_aware package but for non-PR2 arms.

Regards, Sachin