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I'll answer in two parts:

  1. Sample Navigation Using SICK
    Take a look at cwru-ros-pkg for a complete navigation stack setup using the SICK laser. The launch files you should look at are the cwru_bringup_no_tele.launch and cwru_nav/start_nav.launch (though start_nav.launch assumes that someone has already brought up a map_server, like in cwru_nav/start_amcl_2ndfloor.launch). You should be able to trace the included launch files, configs and such to get an example working navigation stack for our differential drive robots.
  2. Odometry for the Pioneer
    Yes, you can use something like p2os to get odometry from a Pioneer. See the Getting Started with p2os tutorial for how to setup your Pioneer. As long as p2os outputs reasonable odometry estimates and the required transforms, you should be able to use your SICK to make a map with gmapping.