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I'm fairly new to ROS, attempting to get this rviz tutorial running on eclipse.(On the wiki: /rviz/Tutorials/Markers%3A%20Basic%20Shapes). Running ROS Hydro, Ubuntu 13.04.

I created a package, used make-eclipse project and imported the project into eclipse.

I'm setting up environment variables in .bashrc and launching eclipse from the terminal. I have another terminal running roscore. The project builds ok, but when I try to run it I get 'ROS_MASTER_URI' is not defined in the environment. I defined it in eclipse and got it to work. More confusing, before I defined it in eclipse, in the terminal I used to start eclipse, echo $ROS_MASTER_URI shows 'http ://localhost:11311' (No space in http:, I had to mangle it to post the question)

My question is, why didn't eclipse pull the environment variables from the terminal? Or, why is it only pulling some variables?

The C/C++ Make Project environment found ROS_PACKAGE_PATH, ROS_ROOT, PYTHONPATH, and PKT_CONFIG_PATH automatically, which allowed me to build 'out of the box'.

Am I doing something wrong? If not, perhaps the wiki page on IDEs needs some additional information under the 'Reusing your shell's environment' section

Thanks in advance for any responses

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