calibrating Xtion with Nyko Zoom using openni_launch [closed]

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I'm trying to calibrate an ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE following the instructions here:

After running

rosrun camera_calibration image:=/openni/rgb/image_mono camera:=/openni/rgb --size 5x4 --square 0.0245 --no-service-check


rosrun camera_calibration image:=/openni/ir/image_raw camera:=/openni/ir --size 5x4 --square 0.0245 --no-service-check

I was able to get the edges of the checkerboard to appear straight in rviz when I look at the openni/rgb/image_rect topic, and somewhat straight when I look at the opennni/ir/image_rect topic.

However, for the point cloud data coming from the openni/depth_registered/points topic, flat surfaces still appear as curved parabolic surfaces.

How do I calibrate the camera so that flat surfaces will appear flat in the point cloud data?


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