How can control a arm(hardware) using moveit

asked 2013-09-18 23:08:48 -0500

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We are created a 7-DOF robotic arm using Dynamixel servos. And I am created its URDF model and moveit-config-pkg (using the tutorial ).And I am looking to control my arm(both fk and ik) using move it. I am struggling to create its ros-dynamixel hardware controller so that i can able to control my arm (hardware) using ros and moveit.

My Dbts

  1. How can I create a ros-dynamixel hardware controller for my move-it arm package.

  2. How can I move my arm to defined x,y,z (ik calculation) coordinates.

Thanks in Advance.

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Very interesting.

Abdul Mannan gravatar image Abdul Mannan  ( 2016-10-26 02:19:47 -0500 )edit