Undefined reference namespace and class [closed]

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i have a problem with my package and the reference

 add_executable(node src/node.cpp src/namespace.cpp src/class.cpp )

I have one executable and my class. My class need the reference to my namespace how i can do this? I cant define it as executable? Should i define the class as library or what is the best war for this?

When I add it to the node i get undefined reference error

can anyone help me?

thank you

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You're going to have to give more info than that. How about the actual error message for starters?

thebyohazard gravatar image thebyohazard  ( 2013-08-01 03:22:57 -0500 )edit

"undefined reference error" to one function of my namespace so i cant call the function

Hunk gravatar image Hunk  ( 2013-08-01 03:38:24 -0500 )edit