Mouse events hacking in PCL 1.6.0 [closed]

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Hello everyone,

I am working with PCL 1.6.0 source. And I could see my .pcd files responding to mouse. Now I want to move my pcd file with some other values(without the interference of mouse). I am successful in disabling the mouse events by editing the file interactor_style.cpp in PCL source. So that I could not move .pcd file with the mouse. The point I did was I just commented the line Superclass::OnMouseMove(). But I could not make it respond with my own values.I dont understand what does that line (Superclass::OnMouseMove()) do . Is there any way that I can replace that mouse events with user defined values. Or can I find any file where this superclass is defined so that I can pass my params instead of those predefined mouse events. Actually I am not that familiar with PCL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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This sounds like a pcl question. I suggest you ask on the pcl-users mailing list.

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