How to toggle Turtlebot2 (Kobuki) Power for 12V 5A?

asked 2013-07-05 04:15:51 -0600

mirzashah gravatar image

The 19V 2A connector on the Turtlebot2/Kobuki has the nice feature of turning on only when docked/connected to power. However, the other connectors give power continuously and cannot be toggled on and off as far as I can tell from the ROS driver level. I see that the firmware API has some control for these switches. Is there a way to control these toggles through the ROS driver?

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Hi, please take a look at link text Here you can read: "Netbook recharging connector (only enabled when robot is recharging): 19V/2.1A DC". So it's a recharging connector only enabled when the robot is recharging directly or on the docking station. atb

glukon gravatar image glukon  ( 2017-09-25 03:33:31 -0600 )edit