libviso2 stereo result doesn't match mono result [closed]

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I don't know what exactly the height and pitch are for mono demo dataset "2010_03_09_drive_0019", but I tried tens of pairs like pitch from +0.08 to -0.08, height from 0.57 to 1.57. The results look similar but they just can not match at the same end. They match fine at the beginning, but the mono results seem very inaccurate whenever it comes to a rotation.

BTW my goal is to estimate the speed from image. I only have one camera, any suggestion?

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Hi Jia,

I am also trying to use libviso2 and viso2_ros and having the same questions with yours: (warning-about-tf-to-msg) and (viso2 mono_odometer data problem). From your current question, it seems that you made them work, would you please tell how you achieved it? Many thanks in advance!

chenling34401 gravatar image chenling34401  ( 2013-07-08 23:13:18 -0600 )edit