Regarding Nao ViSP Tracker in ROS Frame ID not set [closed]

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Hello everybody,

I am running the ViSP Tracker module of ROS on the Nao robot. First it shows the image and I am able to click on the 4 points of the box. Then it initializes tracking of the box. But then at the final click to begin the tracking, it fails, the window of the image containing the box disappears and I get an error message that is [ERROR] [1368035345.869591915]: TF_NO_FRAME_ID: Ignoring transform with child_frame_id "/object_position" from authority "/tracker_mbt" because frame_id not set.

I have understood that this is problem is because the Frame ID of the images published by my program to the ViSP Tracker is not set. But I don't know how to set the Frame ID in my program for the images published to the ViSP Tracker. Could anybody help me with this? It would be very kind and grateful.

Thank You and Regards, Tejas

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