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Hi guys. I am running a simulation where I have a laser scanner on the robot that serve as the input to the 2Dcostmap. As I will like to simulate a little turbulence on the robot , I added 2 revolute joints beneath the link of the sensor. So when the robot move, the sensor will experience some pitching and rolling.

I capped the joint limits of the revolute joint to be around 20 degrees.

After doing that, I run the simulation, expecting a small amount of distortion. However, the degree of distortion was larger than expected.

image description

This is the simulation setup

image description

This is how the obstacle marking look like initially.

image description

But after i move the robot around for a while, the obstacle markings became distorted.

I expected some distortion as I have simulate some pitching and rolling on the sensor. But I am wondering why does it result in such a bad reading? Or is there something amiss with my method? Remember that all i did was to add 2 revolute joints underneath the sensor link.

Thanks for any advise.

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