Prosilica Stereo Calibration Epipolar error hardware sync [closed]

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We are trying to calibrate stereo prosilica gige manta cameras which have a hardware sync setup to trigger master/slave. We tried to modify the driver to send the slave the timestamp of the master to sync the timestamps in addition. We try to stereo calibrate it and the epipolar error is unstable from .5 -> 10. We believe this is causing a disparity map that isn't able to match everything it sees very well, especially close objects. Any thoughts on properly creating an exact sync or reducing the epipolar error?


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I am interested in how you sent the time stamps, can you post this code? As for the rest of your question I am a little bit unsure of what you are trying. Are you using the stereo calibration toolbox with a checkerboard?

P.Naughton gravatar image P.Naughton  ( 2013-05-06 16:24:14 -0600 )edit