rtt_ros_integration problems [closed]

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i was trying to run the example application provided but it seems it is a little bit confusing. first of all on the description in the wiki, it says to run the deployer.ops script provided but there is no such a file. By looking at the code i found an example.launch which i tried to run using roslaunch but when i do this although everything seems fine, it does not create any rostopic or respond to rostopic pub /string_in std_msgs/String 'Hi, HelloRobot component'. if you cd HelloRobot on the deployer it loads it but if you type start it returns a false... dunno why... If you only run the example.ops instead, the status of the start is true but again nothing happens... i cannot publish read or write to the topics it is supossedly streaming to. any ideas?

btw the node is correctly created if you do a rosrun rqt_graph rqt_graph you can see it running but not connected to anything.

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