Arbotix: One servo not recognized [closed]

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I've got a PhantomX Pincher Robot arm that I'm trying to use with the arbotix board via the arbotix_python package. However, servo 3 (one of the arm-tilt joints), is consistently unrecognized by the driver.

I've gotten the arm to work using the PyPose sample program, and all of the servos are recognized fine and I've tested each of them to work fine as well. However, when I upload the ROS Arduino sketch for arbotix and try to run the arbotix_python package, servo 3 (and only servo 3) seems to not exist. Servos 4 and 5 (which are daisy-chained through servo 3) work fine as well.

Anyone have any ideas on where I should start looking to figure this out?

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