[Resolved] Rosmake is not successful"roswifibot/Status.h" not found [closed]

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I found out the problem , it was looking the message in Wifibot but our reporsitory name is rosWifibot , I just changed the calls of status to rosWifibot instead of Wifibot and it worked. There are few changes required in that file where Status is used.

My orignal problem

I am trying to work with roswifibot avaibale at roswifibot.

I have successuly downloaded the package but when I run

rosmake roswifibot

it gives me following error

/home/iroboapp/fuerte_workspace/sandbox/roswifibot/src/wifibot.cpp:60:30: error: ‘Status’ is not a member of ‘wifibot’

I have tried to find the file in my installation but i couldn't find. Please if someone has successfully installed roswifibot package or someone who has idea to resolve it, suggest the solution.

Code of wifibot.cpp is as follows

include "libwifibot.h"

include "wifibot.h"

include "ros/ros.h"

include "roswifibot/Status.h"

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