Move arm: cannot get accurate joint position in simulation [closed]

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We are working using a Robotnik modular arm. We have defined the model of the robot using URDF files but we are having problems in simulation using Gazebo:

-We cannot get accurate joint position in one of the joints, specifically on the second one (error of 0.01 while in the rest the error is of 0.001 or less). -When we use Move_arm in the real robot we get errors of 0.001 or less, acceptable for our needs. -Initially we thought that the problem comes from the joint trajectory controller as it is which sends the control messages to each joint but we have tested it with PR2 and it reaches the desired positions accurately. -We have tried to solve the problem tunning the parameters of the PID but we don't know if it is the problem and how to tune them.

Has anyone had this problem?


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