Where are the NAO sensors in the urdf model? [closed]

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HI I am working in a tesis about the stabilization for robots ,but i am going to work only with simulators, without real robotic plataforms. So I realized there is a URDF model for Nao, then I downloaded the nao directories in nao_ common.

I wrote the following comand to open the urdf file in the "/nao_common/nao_description/urdf" directory: roslaunch urdf_tutorial xacrodisplay.launch model:=nao_robot_v4.urdf.xacro

Then i could see the links and joints of the robot in RVIZ. But I COULDNĀ“T see the sensors(gyro sensors, accelerometers, pressure sensor). Where are those sensors? how can i work with those sensors in a simulator?

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