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I am trying to use ar_kinect to report pose information of a visual marker.

I am following the same steps like the person in this question: ar_kinect not finding published point cloud data

PARAMETERS * /rosversion * /ar_kinect/marker_pattern_list * /rosdistro * /ar_kinect/marker_data_directory * /ar_kinect/threshold

NODES / ar_kinect (ar_kinect/ar_kinect)

core service [/rosout] found process[ar_kinect-1]: started with pid [6451] INFO [1353340697.845588213]: Publish transforms: 1 INFO [1353340697.848604525]: Publish visual markers: 1 INFO [1353340697.851105573]: Threshold: 100 INFO [1353340697.853907685]: Marker Pattern Filename: /home/jaru/ros_workspace/stacks/albany-ros-pkg/albany_vision/ar_kinect/data/objects_kinect INFO [1353340697.856421458]: Marker Data Directory: /home/jaru/ros_workspace/stacks/ccny_vision/ar_pose

I use the marker 4x4_9.patt, but I do not get any information (Size, position) back when I am trying rostopic echo ar_pose_markers.

Can anybody help me?

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I found the mistake, it was a mistake in the ar_kinect launch file.

JaRu gravatar image JaRu  ( 2012-12-08 04:46:02 -0600 )edit