Dynamic reconfigure auto-generated dox files [closed]

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During compilation the dynamic reconfigure cfg file is processed to generate the specified parameters.

Moreover some documentation files (.dox) are generated in the docs folder, something like

\subsubsection usage Usage
<node name="pkg" pkg="pkg" type="pkg">
  <param name="X" type="double" value="0.0" />
  <param name="Y" type="double" value="0.0" />
  <param name="Z" type="double" value="0.0" />

My question is: how to include this in my doxygen documentation? The only way I found was to copy and paste inside a page

  \page My test page

  paste here

I hope there is a better way, otherwise it could be wiser to remove the \subsection and \verbatim commands so that it can be included as an example with the \include command..

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