OpenNI skeleton tracking still requires psi pose for calibration. How to enable the auto calibration [closed]

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We are encountering a problem using the latest OpenNI and NITE (OpenNI v1.5.4.0, NITE v1.5.2.21) for skeleton tracking on Ubuntu 11.10.

The skeleton tracker always needs the psi-pose(surrendering) for calibration on Ubuntu 11.10, which was not expected as the new OpenNI should support fast calibration without psi-pose. To compare on other Ubuntu release, we compiled and installed the same source on the Ubuntu 12.04, and it works perfect without doing any surrender pose. Both Ubuntu system are newly installed and no other packages has been installed yet. The libraries of the skeleton trackers are supposed to be exactly the same. So we are wondering why 11.10 still use the old fashioned way for skeleton tracking (user have to surrender to initialize the tracker) and how can we enable the skeleton tracking without doing the psi pose.

In summary, the problem can be reproduced by the following:

  • install Ubuntu 11.10 x64 Compile and intall the latest unstable Openni (v1.5.4.0)
  • install NITE(v1.5.2.21)
  • In the folder of newly compiled samples, run Sample-OpenNIUserTracker
  • Do exactly the same thing on Ubuntu 12.04 x32 or x64

RESULT: 11.10 requires psi-pose for calibration, but 12.04 NOT.

We have to use Ubuntu 11.10 since we need to use ROS electric for our project. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi, I have ubuntu 12.04 and NITE-Bin-Dev-Linux-x86-v1.5.2.23 but still require Psi Pose. Its very annoying. Any solution?

Latif Anjum gravatar image Latif Anjum  ( 2014-05-29 00:41:14 -0600 )edit