ESP32 rosserial messages over 1kb getting dropped without error

asked 2023-06-17 06:30:29 -0600

daryl gravatar image

We have a delta robot to which we are trying to send the entire trajectory of coordinates over a ros node, the coordinates message for a single point is around 132bytes. The ros node is setup on esp32 which then executes the trajectory. When a single message of 132 bytes is pushed it executes properly. When we try to send more than 12 points for a smoother trajectory, ros seems to drop that message, it shows up in echo but doesnt show in the node at the esp32 end even after increasing the buffer size. When we keep the buffer below 512, it fails with "Message from ROS network dropped: message larger than buffer". On increasing the buffer to 2000, the 1194 byte message still gets dropped but this time with no error. Is this a ros issue or a limit with the message queue size? The message gets sent and shows the 12 points in the echo, but it does not get picked at the esp32 node. Can someone provide any insights if there is a internal message size setting for ros messages or this is an esp32 limitation?

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