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rclpy.action.ActionServer callback 'goal_handle' type

asked 2023-05-23 02:14:51 -0500

Erel gravatar image

Hi, When opening an action server it looks something like this:

self.move_up_action_server = ActionServer(self, MoveVerticalAction, 'move_vertical', self.move_up_callback)

With the callback being:

def move_up_callback(self, goal_handle):

I couldn't find anywhere what is the type of goal_handle. Seems like it has goal_handle.request, goal_handle.publish_feedback, goal_handle.succeed. Maybe some of you know what is the python type I should use?


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1 Answer

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answered 2023-05-23 03:18:00 -0500

Erel gravatar image

updated 2023-05-23 03:18:27 -0500

Ok I realized I was stupid. I just used python's type() and found out it is rclpy.action.server.ServerGoalHandle. Problem solved.

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Asked: 2023-05-23 02:14:51 -0500

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