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video_recorder not recording the Image stream

asked 2023-03-29 04:35:41 -0500

alperenkeser gravatar image

I am trying the record a Image stream directly since I do not want to deal with bags. Hence I am using video_recorder but the output mp4 file (output.avi) gives the following error when I try to play the file:

Could not demultiplex stream

I think the error is related with timestamps because the topic I try to record had no prior camera_info topic so I created one myself. Also, if I try to record some other Image topic with an existing camera_info topic on the terminal I can see the following info:

Recording frame 1

Recording frame 2

Recording frame 3


and the output .avi file is playable without any errors. But if I try to record my problematic Image topic, those messages don't print on the terminal.

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1 Answer

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answered 2023-03-30 06:19:27 -0500

alperenkeser gravatar image

The problem was stamp section (timestamps) of my message being "0". I copied the header section from my original Image message and then assigned it to header of my new message.

msg.header = ...

There is no need to create a camera_info topic or so.

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