Callback order for multiple subscriptions with different queue sizes [closed]

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I am trying to find out what is the order in which the callbacks are executed when we have different subscriptions with different queue sizes to multiple topics. I give you a concrete example that I implemented:

We have:

Publisher 1:
publishes 10 message per second

Publisher 2:
publishes 1 message per second except on start where it directly publishes 10 messages

Subscribes to Publisher 1 with queue size 1
Subscribes to Publisher 2 with queue size 10
Consumes 1 message per second

The order of received messages is (1 symbolises a message from Publisher 1 and 2 from Publisher 2):
12 122 1222 12222 122222 up to 1 and 10x2 and then it continues like that forever.

My question is: why? Why does it incremet like that until the respective queue sizes? What is the logic behind?

I hope the question is not to confusing...

Many thanks in advance for your attention.

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