rosout.log contains too much information

asked 2022-11-03 14:06:43 -0600

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updated 2022-11-21 15:11:42 -0600

Hi. I am using ROS1 Noetic.

Our robot has many nodes running, and the logs files are filled quickly. When I check the content in rosout.log.x , I see the INFO and WARN messages sent by code, which is good.

But there are also lists of related topics included, which is not needed in our case. So I am wondering why there are topics names being saved and how to keep them out of the log files? And is it possible to make the logger skipping the topics name section?


Here are two examples. I highlighted the topic parts in bold. These two are actually the short ones, there are some much longer ones. And this happens to every line in the log file.

1667074094.826373338 INFO /nav_state_node [] [topics: /constantPublisher, /rosout, /nav/state, /nav/running, /roboteq_e_stop_pressed, /nav/pauseByAppEstop, /nav/appCommands, /appDialogs] Receive App estop: False

1667074094.832785434 INFO /roboteq_motor_controller_driver [........./src/roboteq_motor_controller_driver_node.cpp:105(cmd_vel_callback)] [topics: /rosout, /battery_amps, /encoder_count, /hall_count, /motor_amps, /motor_command, /motor_fault_flag, /motor_input_status_flag, /motor_power, /motor_runtime_error, /motor_speed, /motor_temperature, /motor_volts, /read] !G 1 0_!G 2 0_

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