What files should be version tracked with ros2 and ament_cmake?

asked 2022-06-30 13:22:38 -0500

randy gravatar image

I am a proponent of using revision control, committing frequently, and starting from the beginning, since this lets me use git diff operations to see what I changed an when. I am using git and the files correspond, but the tracked contents should be the same for any system (hg, svn, etc.).

I have not made it far into https://roboticsbackend.com/create-a-... and I'm already a bit perplexed about which files users are expected to track and which files/folders users are expected to ignore.

I started with tracking CMakeLists.txt and packages.xml. Then when I added the test_node, I added the cpp file and the changes to the aforementioned files. I just added the following to an initial .gitignore, but I had hoped to find some best practices: build install log In earlier .gitignore and git related Q&A, I did not see what seem like applicable references to CMakeLists.txt, so I wonder if this is not yet covered for ros2 using CMake or if I'm just getting distracted by ros and catkin answers that seem substantially different and missing what I'm looking for.

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