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I want to compile ecl_core package for kobuki_base package build:

A set of tools and interfaces extending the capabilities of c++ to provide a lightweight, consistent interface with a focus for control programming.

I received CONCEPT_CHECK_FAILED compile error (3 times) in ecl_concepts package.

ROS2 Humble, ecl_core - latest (1.2.0), Ubuntu 22.04

Here are my logs:

--- stderr: ecl_concepts
In file included from /home/igor/tb2_ros2_nav2/ros2_ws/src/ecl_core/ecl_concepts/src/test/../../include/ecl/concepts/blueprints.hpp:19,
                 from /home/igor/tb2_ros2_nav2/ros2_ws/src/ecl_core/ecl_concepts/src/test/concepts.cpp:16:
/home/igor/tb2_ros2_nav2/ros2_ws/src/ecl_core/ecl_concepts/src/test/../../include/ecl/concepts/macros.hpp: In instantiation of ‘void ecl::concepts::CONCEPT_CHECK_FAILED() [with Model = ecl::concepts::tests::Concept<ecl::concepts::tests::A>]’:
/home/igor/tb2_ros2_nav2/ros2_ws/src/ecl_core/ecl_concepts/src/test/../../include/ecl/concepts/macros.hpp:60:62:   required from ‘struct ecl::concepts::CONCEPT_CHECK<ecl::concepts::tests::Concept<ecl::concepts::tests::A> >’
/home/igor/tb2_ros2_nav2/ros2_ws/src/ecl_core/ecl_concepts/src/test/concepts.cpp:70:2:   required from here
/home/igor/tb2_ros2_nav2/ros2_ws/src/ecl_core/ecl_concepts/src/test/../../include/ecl/concepts/macros.hpp:47:26: error: ‘this’ pointer is null [-Werror=nonnull]
   47 |       ((Model*)0)->~Model();
      |       ~~~~~~~^~

Can you explain why I am getting this error and how I can fix it?


I opened an issue with this error on GitHub as well:

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I can comment out these tests as per: but I don't think it is the best option...

igrak34 gravatar image igrak34  ( 2022-07-22 08:01:12 -0600 )edit