Quadruped robot locomoting in place

asked 2022-05-20 04:45:28 -0600

updated 2022-05-20 04:48:56 -0600


There exists a number of quadruped simulations under ROS1 (see below links) but I have yet to come to see a functional quadruped simulation in ROS2.

So I decided to take initiative to at least make one of these quads to run in ROS2. I have ported all packages of both repos to ROS2, but to my frustration both of them seem to have the same problem, The robot acts like its placed on oiled ice, it keeps locomoting in place and does not move forward. I suspected from some friction parameters of Gazebo-11 which is default one in ROS2 foxy, I played with them plenty with no luck, overall I am clueless why would these quads perform as expected in ROS1 but not in ROS2.

My forks for above two projects are;

You can see videos from this issue; https://github.com/lnotspotl/notspot_...

I would appriciate your input, especially if you encountered similar issues in GAZEBO while porting your projects from ROS1 to ROS2

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