RGBD-SLAM Link missing googlecode

asked 2022-05-09 11:37:28 -0600

TheRome96 gravatar image

Hi guys, I want to try the RGBD_Slam, unfortunatly the googlecode-link is not available any more. http://alufr-ros-pkg.googlecode.com/s... Does anyone know how i can reach this package on a different link or else?
Would be awesome!

Related: http://wiki.ros.org/rgbdslam, RGBD_SLAM Freiburg

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Look at the wiki.ros link you pasted.. it has a reference to github: https://github.com/felixendres/rgbdsl... Note that this package was only release for ROS fuerte & indigo, so there might be better, more up to date, alternatives.

crnewton gravatar image crnewton  ( 2022-05-13 07:50:23 -0600 )edit