rosserial stuck on 'connecting to /dev/ttyUSB0'

asked 2022-04-07 21:24:46 -0500

Schmole123 gravatar image

I'm currently in the process of controlling a robotic arm using an Amazon Alexa using ROS which with communicate with an Arduino Mega to control all the stepper motors.

I have followed all tutorials online and read all documentation on how to install the rosserial package and it seems to run okay up until I go to connect to my serial port. Once I type 'rosrun rosserial_python /dev/ttyUSB0', it gets stuck on connecting to /dev/ttyUSB0 at 57600 baud.

I have checked already if I am in the correct groups and also have checked the permissions of each of the directories.

I am stumped as to why it isn't connecting or even giving me an error message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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I haven't used rosserial, but to find the problem I would first try to connect by using simple python code and try to find if it can connect. If it can connect then you can exclude the possibility of any hardware or connection issues and you can more focus on code or rosserial. And also if you can share the code that you are using for connecting might help the community to better guide you.

Flash gravatar image Flash  ( 2022-04-08 16:03:24 -0500 )edit