ROS_RB5_Wrapper is connection refused [closed]

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hello communite

i'm try to control to RB-850 robot arm used my labtop

i'm follow to

i want to connect wireless

so composition robot and wifi rauter

robot ip is, port 5000,5001 my labtop ip is

so i'm change to line 290 and 457 ip addr on Cobot Controller.h

and catkin_make

but rb5_ros_wapper is return 'Connection failed. Error = Connection refused'

so i cann't connection robot arm

my labtop is ubunto 20.04, ros noetic

pless help

If you need anything more please feel free to ask

Thank You

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i solved probolom

probolom is getch() in the main code so i # to getch()

karevaros gravatar image karevaros  ( 2022-03-30 03:46:30 -0500 )edit