TurtleBot3 movements are inverted in RVIZ [closed]

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I am using ROS Noetic, and have a real physical TurtleBot3 (not simulation) with Lidar Sensor onboard. The teleop code to control the TurtleBot3 works fine during the map generation process. However, when trying to perform point-to-point navigation in RViZ using the 2D Nav Goal, the TurtleBot3 movements are all inverted. Instead of moving forward to the navigation point, the TurtleBot3 actually moves backward. I have seen this question being asked in here, and the answer by AjayKumar 1 is to invert the laser scan topic. However, I can't find that setting in RVIZ, must I manually configure some param files in the turtlebot3_navigation.launch file?

Screenshot of RVIZ configuration

Any help would be appreciated :)

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Hi @Yipeez I added points so you can upload the picture.

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