How to avoid obstacles (not just stopping) in avp functionality?

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updated 2022-01-17 11:15:43 -0500

Hello Everyone. I am new to and I would highly appreciate your help.

I have set up and run the avp demo of in the lgsvl simulator and I noticed that the "Object Collision Estimator" is putting the car to stop in order to avoid having a collision with an obstacle. However, I want the car to be able to perform (minor) path deviations to avoid an obstacle and continue towards the final goal. After some digging into the packages, I noticed that there is an astar package but that is being used only for parking planner which if I understood correctly, activates when the car arrives close to the parking spot. While moving on the lanes, the trajectory calculation is being done by lane planner and I did not see any inputs about detected objects into the lane planner which explains why the car simply drives its intended trajectory as long as it does not get stopped by an obstacle blocking its path.

So is there any solution that I can use for obstacle "avoidance" rather than simply stopping the car while keeping the main avp architecture of I would prefer an easy solution or something already prepared rather than developing something from scratch.

My configurations: Ubuntu 20, ros2 foxy, pulled from master (latest) and built outside ade.

I do not exclude the possibility of doing something wrong myself or understanding something incorrectly. Therefore, If any of the assumptions I made above is wrong, I would highly appreciate if you tell me.

[Update] I also tried to trick the behavior planner into using the freespace_planner (parking planner) instead of the lane planner for normal driving to see if astar is able to generate obstacle avoiding trajectories. But I noticed that the detected obstacles from lidar sensors are not taken into account in the costmap generation. So again the vehicle goes straight ahead and stops and gets stuck at a close by obstacle. So still no solution.

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