Moveit2 tutoral launching multiple nodes

asked 2022-01-11 18:24:49 -0500

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I an migrating form ROS to ROS 2 Galactic. Following the Movet2 tutorials I am following the Move Group C++ Interface tutorial where running the launch files below multiple versions of nodes see list of nodes below and warning. The result is RVIZ with a visible robot but no response when attempting to step through the tutorial.

This post is similar though deleting the line name="move_group_interface_tutorial" from as suggested still launches two nodes now named /move_group_interface_node and /move_group_interface_tutorial. My assumption is I am calling two launch files some how? Is that even possible?

The tutorials to appear to skip the Getting Started page when linking from the insulation instructions so while I cant guarantee I haven't missed some thing simple I don't think I have.

launch files

ros2 launch moveit2_tutorials


ros2 launch moveit2_tutorials

node list

WARNING: Be aware that are nodes in the graph that share an exact name, this can have unintended side effects.

warning from launching

[move_group_interface_tutorial-1] [WARN] [1641945899.713964286] [rcl.logging_rosout]: Publisher already registered for provided node name. If this is due to multiple nodes with the same name then all logs for that logger name will go out over the existing publisher. As soon as any node with that name is destructed it will unregister the publisher, preventing any further logs for that name from being published on the rosout topic.
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