[autoware.auto ] Package 'autoware_auto_launch' not found

asked 2022-01-08 19:18:51 -0500

antopolicama gravatar image

Until yesterday night everything was working properly and rviz was opening when calling this:

ade enter ade$ source /opt/AutowareAuto/setup.bash ade$ ros2 launch autoware_auto_launch autoware_auto_visualization.launch.py

Tonight it does not work anymore and gives me the following:

Package 'autoware_auto_launch' not found: "package 'autoware_auto_launch' not found, searching: ['/opt/AutowareAuto', '/opt/ros/foxy']"

What should I do to solve it?

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I am unable to reproduce the issue. Is there a folder autoware_auto_launch in /opt/AutowareAuto/share/ ?

Maxime gravatar image Maxime  ( 2022-01-10 19:42:52 -0500 )edit