How can I move joints to the limit?

asked 2021-11-24 04:25:21 -0600

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ROS2 foxy, galactic (experienced this on both), moveit2

I cannot move joints to its limit position. This is how it acts: when limit is set to zero point something - it doesn't move. When limits are set to one point something, I can only move it to one radian maximum. I try moving them in Rviz2 using the motion planning plugin.

I experience this issue both on my robot and using moveit2_tutorials and it's demo launch

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Safety limits set in the urdf also cause the same problem. I addem them specifically to test it, setting regular limits to [-1.57, 1.57] and soft limits to [-0.57, 0.57]. Joint stopped moving after the change. Conclusion: I'm pretty sure these are casted as integers somewhere.

robotanical gravatar image robotanical  ( 2021-11-24 04:51:18 -0600 )edit