Multicast not working on listener/talker examples

asked 2021-09-27 20:54:40 -0500

twaddell gravatar image

updated 2021-09-27 22:10:38 -0500

Ok here is the info:

Machine 1: Ubuntu 20.04.3 Lenovo Laptop Foxy 2021-09-02 AMD64

Machine 2: Ubuntu 20.04.3 (Server build) Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ Foxy 2021-09-02 arm64

These machines are connected locally through ethernet

The two can communicate via the multicast test functions, but not from the traditional listener subscribe examples. I believe it has something to do with this issue of fast_rtps as described at this two links:

Does someone have any way to updating fast_dds to the current version in my foxy build to see if this is the issue? Or is it something else?

Thanks in advance!

edit: Tried running with rmw_cyclonedds and I get this: python3: using network interface eth0 (udp/ selected arbitrarily from: eth0, wlan0), when I believe it should be on the lo network interface correct?

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