Environment setup failure

asked 2021-08-05 11:27:54 -0500

zerafu gravatar image

I'm new to ROS. Going through the ROS 2 installation setup for Windows step by step. The last step for installation is the environment setup, which is where it seems to fail. This is what I ran:

call C:\dev\ros2_galactic\local_setup.bat

On command prompt, as well as on a command shell(for debugging purposes) and got this prompt:

"[rti_connext_dds_cmake_module][warning] RTI Connext DDS environment script not found (\resource\scripts\rtisetenv_x64Win64VS2017.bat). RTI Connext DDS will not be available at runtime, unless you already configured PATH manually."

Simply can't seem to find a solution for this. Some say that i can still run ROS, however, trying to run the example on the tutorial doesn't give me anything Please help.

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