3d camera for indoor

asked 2021-07-17 08:36:54 -0500

macieksz gravatar image

We are developing indoor use, 6dof robotic arm based system for kitchen. For precision object grasping we need to scan kitchen table (240x90cm). Up till now we tested all Intel Cameras (stereo and lidar), azure kinect cameras and few other low cost devices. TOF technology seems to be promising but there is a problem with shiny, semitransparent and black objects- it excludes their usage.

Looking for better cameras we discovered that Dynamic Structured Light cameras/scanners like Zivid gives very acceptable results … for 15k€. This technology can be cheaper. Very similar results are achieved by 3d scanners like HP 3D scanner by using video projector and good quality 2D camera.

We have 2 options: find cheaper solution for 1-2k€ or develop our own camera. Have you got any experience with such algorithms? or do you know affordable camera/scanner with this technology?

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