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ROS2 Arduino Compatability

asked 2021-06-18 09:26:43 -0500

LarryP17 gravatar image

I'm working on a project where I want to read in an analog voltage and publish that information to other ros2 nodes which would then be able to drive other hardware in the robotics application. My idea for this was to use an arduino nano and some voltage dividers but found that <rosserial>, which would make this a seemingly simple task, was not over to the ROS2 framework. Here's a similar example of what I would like to accomplish but using ROS1: Voltage Monitor Example

After some research I found a possible option would be micro-ROS which is compatible with teensy 3.2/4.0. Would I be able to follow the same approach in the link using teensyDuino to create a node and publisher in the arduino IDE?? I'm new to all this ROS2 stuff so any help would be appreciated

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answered 2021-06-21 00:29:22 -0500

Pablogs gravatar image

Hello @LarryP17, for sure you will be able to use a Teensy 3.2/4.0 with micro-ROS to read and publish a voltage sensor value into the ROS 2 dataspace. Also, micro-ROS is integrated into the Arduino IDE. You have all the information here and if you have any other questions or problems, do not hesitate to open an issue in the Github repo.


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