MoveIt IKFast generated plugin for 5-DOF not working as expected

asked 2021-06-04 14:58:18 -0600

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I'm having trouble with getting my 5-DOF arm to work well in MoveIt.

Using the built in KDL solver and enabling position_only IK, everything works smoothly and as expected. However, after going through the process of generating a custom solver (ik-type: TranslationDirection5D), I'm not getting a very smooth response from the arm. The interactive marker responds only when dragged entirely to a desired pose, but not when using the individual translation or rotation axes. Manipulating a single DOF only works in certain scenarios (I haven't quite figured out if there's a common aspect to these scenarios), but even then the process is a bit inconsistent.

I think it's worth noting that when I generate the plugin using

rosrun moveit_kinematics --iktype translationdirection5d robotic_arm.urdf arm base_link link5

the iktests return 0 correct solutions out of 1000 tests (the rest are split between wrong and missing, with wrong solutions being the majority at around 66%). But I read on a few posts that the iktests rarely work, so I removed them from the shell script for the command. I don't know if that could be the problem, as the solver definitely does work for a good amount of poses.

Please let me know if I can include some code that would be helpful, because I wasn't sure what would be useful in diagnosing this problem.

Thank you!

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