move_group.launch for two robots in the same world

asked 2021-06-02 20:06:27 -0500

Asuka Srohyau gravatar image

Hi! I'm trying to have two turtlebot3s in my project, and I followed this repo to set up my launch file for multiple robots. All setups are from catkin.

I'm trying using move_group.launch from this link for the kinematics of turtlebots, such as arm and gripper movement. It works fine when I have just one robot.

In a _one robot_ case, my launch file is like this. (Incorporating move_group.launch in line 47)

But I don't know how to incorporate the move_group.launch when there are two robots.

The actions for two robots are seperated (i.e. I will use two seperated python file to give commands to each robot), so I expect to include two "<include>" node in each "<group>" in this launch file. However, when I roslaunch, it doesn't work, i.e. there's no "You can start planning now!" shows up.

Thanks so much for helping out!!

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