Rotation Between Device and Start of Service Frame with Tango Ros Streamer [closed]

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I am following this tutorial to stream data from an asus zenphone. My objective is to extract the pose data from the Tango, but it seems that when I export the poses.txt from RTABmap there is always a rotation present from the start. I would like it so that when the Tango phone is kept stationary, there is no rotation (i.e., start_of_service and device should be the same if no motion was introduced). I looked at the frames in rviz using 'rosrun rviz rviz -d tango_ros.rviz' and it seems that the device frame is incorrectly rotated from the start_of_service_frame. As I understand it, the tango ros streamer handles the start_of_service -> device tf transform. Is there some way that I can remove this seemingly erroneous rotation? It looks like the data relative to its own frame is correct and it knows its position as it rotates in the anticipated directions while I rotate it, but the numeric output isn't correct w.r.t to start_of_service frame.

Here is an image of the output in rviz of just the start_of_service frame and the device frame, keeping the Tango phone stationary.

Additionally, here is the output of 'rostopic echo tango/transform/start_of_service_T_device' while keeping the Tango stationary.

  seq: 709
    secs: 1620345545
    nsecs: 990361691
  frame_id: "start_of_service"
child_frame_id: "device"
    x: 0.1740136781666161
    y: 0.6084245619555684
    z: -0.10745321680022474
    x: 0.7915105734825261
    y: -0.014765746739038618
    z: 0.010669939081191246
    w: 0.6108838982888688

I have repeatedly seen this specific rotation value every time I've tested it, so it does not appear to be a drifting error.

I'm new to ROS, so I apologize if I missed something obvious.

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