Compute the C-Space

asked 2021-04-01 07:49:06 -0600

h.sciascia gravatar image

Hello everyone !

I am a new user of ROS and the many tools it offers like MoveIt / RViz, and it looks very promising! I try to compare ROS+MoveIt+RViz with Webots

I am working on the trajectory planning of polyarticulated robots, on the Configuration Space (C-Space) aspect which describes all the possible configurations of the robots which are in collisions (Cobs) and those which are not in collisions (Cfree).

A good understanding of what C-Space is can be found here

I am looking to calculate this C-Space for any polyarticulate robot. Are there already methods implemented under ROS / MoveIt? I have seen a lot of topics on OMPL planner but I don't understand if the tools are the ones I'm talking about.

Thank you in advance for your listening and your answers, Have a good day !

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