Turtlebot 3 teleop VMware blocking

asked 2021-03-10 23:46:11 -0500

Hello all,

I'm trying to control a turtlebot usingthe keyboard teleop as well as the xbox 360 usb controller and android ROS app. I'm having problems with both because, after following the robotis tuto, the robot doesnt move. I'm using ROS kinetic and ubuntu 16.04

I have tested so far:

power electronics-- robot turns when pressing opencr board buttons

IPs: all the turtlebot topics are suscribed by my remote PC and viceversa, teleop topic /cmd_vel is suscribed by turtlebot3_core node. I have used

rostopic info /cmd_vel and so on to check all topics.

After launching a rqt_graph, I see that all nodes are connected (including teleop node, trough /cmd_vel topic) so everything seems to be working, but, when I press the "w" in the keyboard or move the joystick, turtlebot doesnt move (no errors).

I did a test with the ROS CONTROLLER app for android and surprise, works! the robot starts moving.

Comparing both Rqt_graph using the app and the keyboard teleoperation, there is no diference between them apart from the app and joystick node.enter image description here

I'm guessing that maybe the fact that I have ROS installed on a VMware virtual machine is somehow blocking the communications...

please any help on this??

Thanks in advance

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